Обзор бизнеса

Группа является седьмым крупнейшим розничным продавцом продуктов питания в России по выручке. Компания      работает в двух основных форматах: гипермаркеты под брендом «O'KEY» и дискаунтеры под      бренд «DA!» Мы открыли наш первый гипермаркет в Санкт-Петербурге в 2002 году и продолжили      расти с тех пор. «О'КЕЙ» первым среди российских продуктовых ритейлеров запустил и      активно развивать операции электронной коммерции в Санкт-Петербурге и Москве, предлагая полный      Ассортимент товаров гипермаркета с доставкой на дом.

  • 15 years of history
  • Experienced management team
  • One of the market leaders in St Petersburg with a strong presence in Moscow and other large cities in Russia
  • Strong brand known for the quality of products and best-in-class shopping experience
  • Two differentiated formats of modern food retail: hypermarket and discounter format
  • High logistics centralisation level: one federal and two regional distribution centres for hypermarket and supermarket segment, one distribution centre for discounter stores
Hypermarkets under «O’KEY» brand

Leading Russian retail chain, specializing in food trade. The company opened its first hypermarket in St Petersburg in 2002. Today we have more than 70 stores in major cities of Russia - in the North-West, South, Central, Urals and Siberian regions. The O’KEY brand is recognized as one of the strongest brands in St Petersburg and intends to take the same position in other regions of Russia.

Our unique value proposition:

  • a wide range of competitively priced, high quality products, including fresh food, own bakery, delicatessen products and non-food items
  • a modern shopping environment with an appealing ambiance
  • locations near key traffic intersections, within easy access to public transportation and/or within highly populated residential districts
  • a family friendly environment with supervised in-store play areas for children
  • a large number of cash registers to reduce queues
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Discounters under «DA!» brand

Discounter store format launched in 2015, is a unique concept for the Russian market, which has been already recognised by the consumers. Everyday low prices, high quality products and an excellent shopping experience are a part of our DNA.

Our unique value proposition:

  • Carefully selecting our private label producers to ensure the best possible quality
  • The high share of private labels allows us to offer the best prices to our customers
  • Our own logistics which allow us to have a 100% centralisation level with daily deliveries of fresh products to all of our stores
  • Our modern design and well trained personnel
  • The lowest in-store operating costs due to the low number of SKUs and efficient route planning
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O’KEY Online store

Launched in 2015, it is a fast growing segment of our business, backed by our hypermarket and supermarket business. Growing trend in online shopping in Russia, enables our online store and a new mobile app take full advantage by making the online shopping experience more intuitive, quicker and more convenient.

Our unique value proposition:

  • Our Online Shopping platform is based on the latest state-of-the-art IT solutions
  • Large product range offered via the online channel of up to 25,000 SKU
  • Online orders are fulfilled by the closest hypermarket to the customer, while customers can choose whether to receive their order via “click and collect” at a nearby pick-up point or by using our home delivery service
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