Акционерный капитал

Выпущенный акционерный капитал Компании по состоянию на 31 декабря 2016 года составляет      до 2 690 740 евро, представленных 269 074 000 акций.

As of 31 December 2016, out of the 269,074,000 registered shares of the Company, 102,709,012 shares were admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange in the form of global depositary receipts (“GDRs”).

No other securities have been issued by the Company.

All shares issued by the Company have equal rights as provided for by the law of 10 August 1915 on commercial companies, as amended (the “Company Law”) and as set forth in the Articles, save for the special rights granted to the Caraden Shareholder set forth below (under Special control rights).

There were no substantial changes in ownership in 2016. In May 2016 GSU informed the company that it had acquired additional GDRs increasing its ownership from 25.02% to 28.02% of total outstanding share capital.

DR Depositary

BNY Mellon acts as the Depositary Bank for the O’KEYGROUPS.A.GDR programs.

As such BNY Mellon plays a key role in the process of issuance and cancellation of GDRs. For additional general information, please visit BNY Mellon’s website at www.adrbnymellon.com and search for O’KEYGDR Profile Page.

BNY Mellon
101 Barclay Street, New York,
NY 10286, U.S.A.


To determine the recommended amount of dividends that will be payable, the Group’s Board of Directors abides by the dividend policy. The general meeting of shareholders, upon recommendation of the Board of Directors, determines how the remainder of the annual net profits of the Company should be disposed of, including by way of stock dividend, it being understood that the remaining net profits of the Company left after payment of dividends shall be used for business development of the Company and its subsidiaries and the development of the retail business of the Group in Russia. Interim dividends may be declared and paid (including by way of staggered payments) by the Board of Directors, subject to observing the terms and conditions provided by law either by way of a cash dividend or by way of an in kind dividend.

Период Дата закрытия реестра Размер дивиденда на
ГДР, (центов США, брутто)
Сумма начисленных
дивидендов (долл. США, брутто)
Interim dividends 2011 12 Sep 2011 9.9481 26 767 750.60
Interim dividends 2012 23 Feb 2012 10.254 27 590 847.96
Interim dividends 2013 15 Feb 2013 18.953 50 997 595.22
Interim dividends 2014 17 Oct 2014 7.433 20 000 270.42
Interim dividends 2014 18 Feb 2014 22.670 60 999 075.80
Interim dividends 2015 11 Sep 2015 8.920 24 001 400.80
Interim dividends 2016 08 Jul 2016 8.548 23 000 445.52
Interim dividends 2017 20 Jan 2017 9.167 24 666 013.58
Interim dividends 2018 25 Jan 2018 12.367 33 276 381.58
Interim dividends 2019 03 Oct 2019 0.05635 15 162 319.90
Interim dividends 2020 04 Nov 2020 0.028275 7 608 067.35

As a general rule, the Company withholds 15% WHT from the dividend paid from Luxembourg for distribution to the holders of GDRs.

This information is provided for information purposes only. Potential and current investors should seek the advice of professional consultants on tax matters related to investments in the shares and GDRs of the Company.